Class III, Program 1

Program 1 Chair: Rachael Pirner The Use of Trusts Instructor: Ron Aucutt Trust Flexibility: Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want Me Instructors:¬†Turney Berry and Bruce Stone Asset Protection Instructor: Scott Malin Spousal Planning and Joint Spousal Trusts Instructor: Bob Kirkland Drafting for Directed Trusts and its Practical Applications Instructor: Jack Challis Retirement Planning Instructor: Kathy Sherby


Please click on the items below to download class information: Class III Roster Schedule for Class Participants Program 1 Schedule – December 7 Program 2 Schedule – December 8 Program 3 Schedule – February 22 Program 4 Schedule – February 23 Program 5 Schedule – May 9 Program 6 Schedule – May 10